24: The Movie

If ever there was a TV Show worthy of big screen adaptation… 24: The Movie, coming to a theatre near you in 2008!

Not much is known about the film as yet, and most of what is known are just rumours…

What is known is that the film will ditch the ‘real-time’ aspect of the show and rather be 24 hours over the course of the entire film… A smart move in my opinion, as getting an entire plot into 2 hours real-time would be virtually impossible.

This opens the gates a bit and Sutherland has leaked that the movie will feature a country-hopping Bauer, with shooting locations likely to include London, Prague and Morocco.

So, it seems the film will more or less be Jack Bauer as a James Bond kind of figure… rushing around the globe, trying to save the world yet again from a major crisis…

Bring it on! I can’t wait!

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