A TV3 Current Affairs Special Investigation

TV3 presents a 90-minute special investigation into the poisoning of New Zealand.

Melanie Reid, the Investigative Reporter of the Year, brings us a documentary entitled A TV3 Special Investigation: Let Us Spray on Monday 23rd October at 7pm.

For the past year, Reid has been investigating New Zealand and dioxin – in particular the potentially lethal dioxin contained in the herbicide 245T.

For decades, many New Zealanders have been convinced that their illnesses and those of their children were caused by exposure to this dioxin. Of most concern are the people of Paritutu, the New Plymouth suburb where for several decades the agrichemical company, Ivon Watkins Dow (IWD) made 245T and 24D.

Reid examined the many reported cases of birth defects in New Plymouth and around the country and discovered a doubling of birth defects coincided with the country’s maximum exposure to the 245T dioxin.

She has also discovered documents pointing towards what appears to have been an unhealthy relationship between New Zealand’s regulatory authorities and IWD.

Years after IWD had acknowledged that the dioxin was “exceptionally toxic”, years after the company said “it has tremendous potential for producing chloracne and systemic injury”, New Zealand’s authorities were telling us “there is no reason to believe that 245T is a cause of human birth defects, cancer or any other insidious effect on human health.” And “in fact there is absolutely no evidence linking 245T with any human birth defect.”

She sifted through four decades worth of archives and has some disturbing revelations.

She also found what she says appear to be flaws in important studies carried out for the Ministry of Health. She commissioned a forensic accountant to examine the data. What he found is revealed in this programme.

Aside of the reports, studies and data, Reid reports on the moving stories of families who believe their illnesses, in one case through four generations, are linked to agrichemicals.

One resident tells her she believes it is hard to prove the link with chemicals because the facts have been concealed. She says her own family is like a bunch of “mutants” who have been hidden.

These Paritutu people, many of whom worked in and around the IWD plant or were exposed through spraying, want answers and they want help. At the moment they say the Government’s policy is simply “delay and deny until you die.”

Source: tv3.co.nz

  • A TV3 Current Affairs Special Investigation: Let Us Spray – 7.00pm Monday – TV3

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  • Tui

    omg thats scary….right here in new plymouth….

  • Jacob

    245T and 24D… Mix them together and you get Agent Orange.

  • Justine Inglis

    Hi my name is Justine Inglis.
    Murray Inglis is my Uncle and I grew up in the house at 42 Paritutu Road. Obviously I am following this story as I am very concerned about any health implications for myself in the future.

    I was only a little girl and I have vivid memories of the aweful smells that wafted over the house, also the white foam that landed on our vege garden and in our swimming pool, not to mention the posioning of the family dog which all seems to make sense now!! She used to wander over onto the Dow Elcno grounds and god only knows what a little dog could sniff out over there!!

    I am now a registered nurse residing in Beechworth Victoria and am keen to see a big company like this pay for the destruction of lifes, as far as I am concerned regardless of the life sytle my family enjoyed, Dow Elnco knew the harm they were bringing to the people of Paritutu Road. Someone has to be accountable.

    If u wish to contact me email me at jinglis19@bigpond.com

    For the record I have not had a dioxin test as yet because I am just plain scared of the outcome, I am registered as a former resident of Paritutu Road, but just because I no longer live there doesn’t mean that my story in not relevant. I think it is more than ever as I am a healthy women in my mid thirties.

    love and peace

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  • Hay you

    Hi my name is sometimes “Hay you” I am not related to anybody here or any1 who made the program, I missed it, will it be back again?

    be happy, somone has to too