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Sunday, October 22 at 7pm on TV2

Trent from The Zoo stars in his own show – Trent’s Wildcat Adventures – which sees him travelling from New Zealand to South Africa and getting up close and personal with wild cats.

Trent Barclay is a dedicated zoo keeper and good all-round Kiwi-bloke. Since featuring on TV2’s The Zoo he has fast become a family favourite and there’s no doubt his passion for wild cats has helped win the hearts of viewers.

Trent has been with the Auckland Zoo for 15 years and looks after the tigers, red pandas, servals, otters, meerkats, cheetahs and golden cat. His favoutire cats are jaguars, tigers and leopards and in his exciting new show, Trent gets up close and personal with these cats in the wilds of South Africa.

Director of Trent’s Wildcat Adventures, Tina Diaz, says of filming the series: “South Africa is steeped in danger – whether you’re driving through Johannesburg and expecting to be carjacked or on the back of a jeep, centimetres away from a lion eyeing off the sound recordist boom thinking its prey the locals danger threshold is different to ours.”

“We were thrown in the deep end and we came out laughing nervously every time. There was a common saying on our trip and that was, ‘You can’. South Africans said it all the time, in response to every request we had. What they didn’t tell us was exactly how dangerous it would be.”

“As a film crew wanting to get the shot, we would ask: ‘Can we come into the leopard enclosure’ with the frisky leopard on heat? We would be told ‘you can’. So before we had time to think, we were inside the enclosure with one of Africa’s most unpredictable cats, rubbing against our legs, strong, lean, terrifying. Then we were told: ‘Oh and by the way, don’t trip up because you’re as good as gone’. This is, of course, in rocky terrain because that’s what leopard’s like the best!”

In Trent’s Wildcat Adventures, Trent is on a fact-finding mission like no other… meeting people like him who are crazy about cats, and discovering all there is to know about these feisty animals.

“Due to the nature of our show and being with Trent who knows how to handle big cats, I think we were placed in many precarious situations,” continues Tina. “In most cases they would assess him and his understanding of the animals and when they considered him safe, we were all given the OK. Trent was also our eyes and ears and he would in some cases just whisper, ‘It’s time to get out’, or would explain that the situation could get out of hand.”

In this captivating series, join Trent on an amazing journey that takes him all over South Africa seeking out wild cat adventures. Some of the cats he meets along the way are tigers, servals, cheetahs, lions, leopards and jaguars.

Trent’s Wildcat Adventures is educational, entertaining and hair-raising fun for the whole family.

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