That’s So Raven is an American sitcom television show broadcast on the Disney Channel. The plot revolves around fashionable teenager Raven Baxter and her schemes to get herself, her friends, or family members, out of a wacky situation, usually by using her psychic powers and her skills as a master of disguise.

Produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment for the first three seasons, the show became a production of Warren & Rinsler Productions in association with That So Productions for its fourth seasons. The show finished production in 2006.


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Kyle Wadsworth

Kyle Wadsworth is a trained multimedia journalist with a passion for film and television - notably Westside and Outrageous Fortune! Also known as TuiKiwi (the name of which has also featured on Outrageous Fortune as a guest-starring beer brand).
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  • Tui

    I find this show alot better than ‘Lizzie McGuire’.
    Its got a different feel, the humor(sp) isn’t ‘witty’, they cover all sorts of issues and its got a really nice star XD

    If you haven’t seen it (and your not older than, 16 or so) then you might like it.

  • Dolce4Life

    i want to see it but we dont get sky 🙁

  • Tui

    It’s one of the best Disney shows! The only “Disney Channel Original Series” to go past the 65 episode mark (apart from K.P)!

  • Tui

    Its sad its finished now 🙁

  • Texas

    I can’t believed it’s over. That’s So Raven is one of my favourite shows on Disney.