Alt TV streaming online for free

Now you can Watch Alt TV online for free here – choose the quality which suits your internet connection.

I’ve just been watching it now and it works well. Here’s the thing though: it’s still very much an old-school model: I don’t get to skip a song I don’t like, I don’t get to choose when I want to watch a show.

Worth a look but I don’t think I’ll be back.

What do you think?

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  • spoon munky

    yo the tokie konez vid last night was the shit on sideroom tv word to the mum

  • ponch

    how the hell do u get in touch with alt tv?? not sending a txt caz its too big… tried the email but there servers stuffed!!!! just wana know the name of a band they played on “thats so emo an sat 010308… they dont even tell you the name of the bands b4 or afta the clip is finished… how are the supposed to be promoting bands when they dont even do this???????????????????????????????????????

    just want to use this band for a dvd im making.