Another couple leaves

Reports are out saying that Isabel Lucas and Jason Smith (Tasha and Robbie) have finished their time on Home and Away. Isabel plans to backpack around the world then volunteer for OzQuest in Africa.

Wonder how the couple (and their new baby) have been written out?

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  • Brenda-Rulz

    Hi guys

  • Tracey_Thompson

    I heard they go to Boston from BttB !

  • k

    the roumor is true that Robbie and Tasha have left the bay in oz last week

    Well I say H&A has a habit of brinig dead people alive. Hay these are the ones that I hear are leaving in 2007 a couple of months ago but not sure when it was.

    Clarissa House (Beth Hunter) (2003-2007) Departs Early 2007
    Inidna Evans (Matilda Hunter) (2004-2007) Departs Early 2007
    Mark Furze (Ric Dalby) (2004-2007) September 2007
    Tim Campbell (Dan Baker) (2004-2007)?? It just a ruomor
    Holly Brisley (Amanda Vale) (2005-2007) Not too sure
    Chris Hemsworth (Kim Hdye) (2004-2007) februay 2007

    Ok you guys may think that not right but this all I heard and some of this could be right.
    Guys these are some roumors and I am not sayiny they are leaving in that year but that the year the cast contract are up.