Bernadine Oliver-Kerby leading "Best Newsreader" category

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby is currently leading the poll as the country’s favourite newsreader. Bernadine reads the news on the weekend.

This puts her ahead of all other newsreaders including One News’ co-anchor Simon Dallow and TV3’s Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts.

Make your picks online at or by using the special voting form included in the TV Guide issue on sale October 12. All voters go in the draw to win a major HP prize pack valued at $3000.

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  • Jacob

    Where did you find this out?

    I voted for Hilary Barry.

  • Rachel

    This was part of a TV Guide press release.

  • Ric Chan

    Willie Jackson?

    He’s a poofter, and can’t get through a single sentence without an Umm, Ahhh, or yeah no.

    If his brain can’t get it togther with his overly large lips, he should bail it, and hire his mouth out as a bus station.