British and US TV Shows on Throng

I like a range of US, UK, NZ and sometimes Aus TV shows. But the list on this website under the “Shows” section favours US TV shows more than anything and maybe NZ after that. Why aren’t more UK shows listed. I am enjoying New Sreet Law. Some good characters, ethical dilemmas, repartee etc. Kind of like The Practice but less romanticised and more down to earth characters. Bodies was great – very gritty and critical of the UK health service.

Why aren’t more UK shows listed on this site?

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I love fiction TV programmes that are fun,entertaining and/or gripping as well as making some comment on society, politics and/or the state of our relationships. I feel a bit sad that fiction TV seems to be being overtaken by other genres in primetime lately on NZ TV. And I want to see more great British drama series on TV. TVNZ, you're losing the plot!!!
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