Claire Chitham back on TV

Claire plays Aurora on Outrageous Fortune and makes her debut on the series this Tuesday, 9:30pm TV2.

Aurora is Van’s childhood sweetheart who broke his heart by sleeping with Jethro on his 16th birthday. But, Jethro actually pretended to be Van – so she thought she was sleeping with him.

Aurora is now dating the leader of the Horsemen (?!) gang.

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  • Tui

    This should be good! I read it in TV Guide a few weeks back, and she looks hot!
    *will have to try to remember to watch*

  • Tui

    Um, “richard” or “richie” sounds alot like that guy off Ghost Hunt…

  • flying_cabbage

    Oh darn!! I forgot to watch it!! GRRR!!

  • Tui

    What an awesome show! Claire was, well amazingly rebelish….I liked it XD

  • cam

    I honestly love this show so much! Its so funny seeing Claire return and in that sorta character its even better!