Dr. Callum McKay

Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie) is a senior GP who has been appointed head of the new Primary Care Clinic (PCC) and he is more than ready to give the hospital a good shake up.
Charming and confident, Callum has a healthy ego and is very clear about what he wants. A visionary, he thinks Shortland Street hospital should step into the 21st century and up the anti. He moves at the speed of light and he doesn’t care whose toes he treads on.
Hell-bent on success and popularity, Callum has courted controversy in his past and it appears he has brought this attitude to Shortland Street.
Callum arrives at Shortland Street with glowing references from everyone – except Justine Jones. The ambitious surgeon is the one dissenting voice opposed to Callum’s employment at the hospital. The two have worked together before and it appears there is a certain competitive rivalry going on, yet a scorecard feeling of respect.
Callum can be a “snake-oil salesman” and at times quite tactless, but has a clear vision for the PCC and hopes his achievements will win over his colleagues. Callum’s boldness and assurance is not confined to his business activities. He has a keen eye for the ladies and an uncanny ability to wrap them around his little finger immediately.
Which eligible bachelorette will catch Callum’s eye?

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