Huia Goes Home

On Wednesday October 11th Shortland Street Hospital went into full scale emergency mode as the doctors and nurses struggled to cope with the devastating aftermath of Ferndale’s first car bomb. The hospital car park became a war zone. Doctor Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) and Nurse Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) witnessed the explosion, then worked through their shock and grief to treat the badly injured survivors. But one person did not survive the fireball; CEO Huia Samuels (Nicola Kawana). It was a deeply emotional episode as the tragic news spread through the close knit community to friends, family and the father of Huia’s unborn child – Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei).

It was a Black Friday when staff finally gave space to their own feelings. Craig’s desolation was overwhelming; he has not only lost Huia, a woman he once loved deeply, but his unborn child. Craig’s partner Sarah is also struggling to cope with the tragedy – Sarah has just told Huia and her baby to “go to hell!” Now she must face both Craig’s grief and her own guilt. Huia’s cousin TK Samuels (Benjamin Mitchell) learned the terrible news too.Who is responsible – and will they strike again?

Monday, friends, whanau and colleagues gather at Huia Samuels’ (Nicola Kawana) Marae to say goodbye to the former CEO. TK, Huia’s ex-husband Buddy (Antonio Te Maioha), and other whanau carry Huia’s coffin onto the Marae to begin the emotionally charged ceremonies. Chris and Toni Warner (Michael Galvin and Laura Hill) are on hand to farewell their friend and colleague. Craig and Scarlett (Nicole Thomson) are less sure of their welcome – after all, Craig had dumped Huia for Sarah before getting Huia pregnant. One person who knows she isn’t welcome, but can’t stay away, is Sarah Potts. Has she come to pay her respects – or to dance on her former rival’s grave?

On Tuesday, the investigation begins in earnest.
Huia’s tangi is over and now that the victim of the car bomb has been laid to rest, attention focuses on the police investigation. The detectives have narrowed their focus from general enquires to the involvement of Anthony Richards. Although they haven’t completely ruled out the possibility that Huia was the intended victim of the bomb, the evidence increasingly suggests it was aimed at Ant. Tonight, Ant’s girlfriend Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) feels the full force of Detective Gardener’s interrogation as more of Ant’s secret past comes to light. What will Tania discover – and how will she react? And if Ant was the target, will they strike again?

Huia's tangi
Craig's grief over losing Huia
Craig and Sarah are unhappy

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