Knight Rider

Knight Rider was a popular American television series that ran between September 26th, 1982 and August 8th, 1986. It was broadcast on the NBC television network (It is now on TV3, Sundays at 1pm-2pm) and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a kind of modern-day “knight” who drove an advanced smart car with artificial intelligence. Conceived and produced by Glen A. Larson, the show was an instant hit and inspired a subgenre of high-tech crimefighter series. “I want[ed] to do The Lone Ranger with a car,” Larson said in The Last Great Ride. “Kind of a sci-fi thing, with the soul of a western.”

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YouTube Videos

Behind The Scenes/Bloopers:

What They Did To K.I.T.T (Very funny bloopers):
Part 1:
Part 2:

K.I.T.T & the Dog:

K.I.T.T & the Dog 2:

Rebuilding K.I.T.T:

Michael’s Wedding:

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