Australian Guy Pearce stars in the unforgettable, widely acclaimed thriller directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins), in the TV3 Film Festival: Memento, screening on Friday, November 3rd at 11:30pm: 9/10.

In the aftermath of a horrifying crime, Leonard Shelby (Pearce) remembers nothing for more than a few minutes at a time… except the haunting memory of his wife’s brutal murder. Now, as he desperately seeks to avenge his wife’s death, Leonard can only rely on notes, photographs and fleeting interactions with a shifting cast of characters he will not recall from one moment to the next.

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  • DeViI D0do

    This is among my Top Ten favourite films of all time. A must-see for everyone…

    The structure of the film (which begins at the end and ends at the beginning…) might at first seem quite gimmicky, but it proves to be integral to the film and is what makes it so unique, so intriguing and so bloody awesome! Storytelling and film-making at its finest.

    Nolan’s best film, by far. (Though, I can’t wait to see his next flick, ‘The Prestige’, which opens here in January).

  • Rachel

    This is also one of my favourite films ever. My sister raved and raved about it so eventually I got it out on DVD. I want to see it again though because I’m sure I’ll pick up a *lot* more second time through. It plays with your mind!!!