Natalie Bassingthwaighte leaves Neighbours

Natalie Bassingthwaighte who plays Izzy has just ended her run on the show to focus on her music career (with her band Rogue Traders) this has lead to many sad fans as Izzy was one of the main characters on the show and in the past year has grown to become a fan favourite.

Whats up with all the Neighbours stars become singers? Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie, Holly Valance, Delta Goodrem, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and now Stephanie McIntosh (but thank god, she has signed on for another year so wont be leaving the show anytime soon)I’m sure there have been others and I’m not complaining because I love their music but at the moment it seems like the in thing to do – join neighbours, stay a few years then turn into a popstar. Heck, even the guy who plays Karl is releasing an album, although I don’t think/lets hope he wont be trying to go all Holly Valance on us and use ‘sex’ to sell his music (let me once again state that I love her music) I really don’t want to see a video of Dr Karl Kennedy dancing around naked with lights covering up his *parts* oh yuck, I just made myself sick.

Back to Izzy, is this the end of her Neighbours run?
I can happily say NO. Many speculated that she wouldn’t return to the show but it has just been announced that she will be back for 2 months next march/april..oh so those pregnancy rumours must be true 😮 I wonder who the dad is.. maybe it is sexy Karl *throws up again* that would be the perfect storyline because then he would leave the show (THANK GOD! anyone else hate him?)and move to London with Izzy.

Then Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) can start his pop career. Maybe he should do a cover of Kiss Kiss..or not.

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  • Rachel

    Eww @ Alan Fletcher starting a pop career!! Are you serious?! I never liked him on the show. I hope Stephanie stays for a while, she’s so cute and adorable.

  • Scap

    Yup I’m serious. Its all over another forum I’m on. He must of done an interview somewhere or something because he said his music is *finds quote* “Like Pete Murray but more mainstream pop”. He has a band too though so I’m not to sure if he’s going solo or releasing stuff with the band

  • Jessablah

    Karl/Alan’s singing is weird…well, if its similar to how he sings on the show (not the kiddy stuff with Ned…the older stuff when he used to record himself (weirdo)).

  • lol it is Karl’s, but I’m pretty sure he won’t be leaving to live with the woman he hates.

    I’m gonna miss Izzy, she’s the best. We want her back!

  • stupid or what

    ‘Duet’ ??!??!? what?
    if karl izzy and ned sung together it would not be a duet but a trio, how thick ar you? very :]