New doctor on the Street

New doctor

New Zealand’s best-loved drama, Shortland Street, sees the arrival of another dashing doctor this week.

Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie) is a senior GP who has been appointed head of the new Primary Care Clinic (PCC) and he is more than ready to give the hospital a good shake up.

Charming and confident, Callum has a healthy ego and is very clear about what he wants. “He is a visionary,” says actor Peter Mochrie. “He thinks Shortland Street hospital should step into the 21st century and up the anti. He moves at the speed of light and he doesn’t care whose toes he treads on.”

Hell-bent on success and popularity, Callum has courted controversy in his past and it appears he has brought this attitude to Shortland Street.

Callum arrives at Shortland Street with glowing references from everyone – except Justine Jones. The ambitious surgeon is the one dissenting voice opposed to Callum’s employment at the hospital. The two have worked together before and Peter concedes there is “a certain competitive rivalry going on, yet a scorecard feeling of respect.” Peter admits Callum can be a “snake-oil salesman” and at times quite tactless, but has a clear vision for the PCC and hopes his achievements will win over his colleagues. “He will show them through results that there is a mean to his ends and an ends to his means.”

Callum’s boldness and assurance is not confined to his business activities. He has a keen eye for the ladies and an uncanny ability to wrap them around his little finger immediately. Peter admits Callum is “very charming” and “so sharp he will cut himself.” Which eligible bachelorette will catch Callum’s eye?

Off-screen, Peter is one of Australia’s most well-known television actors and has starred in Water Rats, Murder Call and Restless Years. He says Shortland Street’s “world-wide reputation” made the decision to work in New Zealand very straight forward.

“It’s fast and furious and I love it here. It’s like bungee jumping, some days without a cord,” laughs Peter. “They [the cast and crew] are all very professional and very friendly and I’ve been welcomed with open arms.”

Shortland Street, weeknights at 7.00pm on TV2.

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  • Scap

    Coolness. Oh speaking of Justine, do you know if she’s going to be on shorty for a while or just for a short time like at the start if the year? I hope shes on for a while, shes my fav ^_^

  • Dolce4Life

    If you glance at his really quickly he looks like a uglier George Clooney with a slimmer face

  • Tui

    Justines cool 😀

  • flying_cabbage

    Ohhhh interesting!!! New doc…yay!

  • Jacob

    Callum enters the building Thursday 19th October!

  • Jacob

    Re. Justine:

    On Laurie Foell’s bio on the Shortland Street website it says that she was on it briefly in 2005 but took on the role “full time” in 2006.

  • Kitty

    Peter (Callum) looks like he also a permanent cast member.

    Peter Mochrie moved to New Zealand in 2006 to take up the part of Callum McKay on Shortland Street. Peter has enjoyed great success as one of Australia’s leading actors and his career spans over twenty years.

    His love of acting started at the age of 13 when he appeared in a school play. In 1979, he got his first big break appearing in The Restless Years as Ric Moran. Peter stayed in this role for two years and soon caught the attention of other TV producers, appearing in Sons and Daughters, Neighbours and Holiday Island. He also appeared in two movies, Winter of Our Dreams and Just In Time.

    In 1987, Peter was accepted into the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). He studied at NIDA for three years and featured in a handful of other productions before graduating in 1989. After graduation, his success continued to grow with roles in shows such as Home and Away, Blue Heelers and G.P. He played Knocker Harrison in Water Rats and the male lead Steve Hayden in Murder Call.

    Peter’s love of theatre helped him form the Roar Theatre Company and for the past ten years he has been a regular tutor at NIDA.

    In July 2006 Peter accepted the offer to play Callum McKay on Shortland Street and moved to New Zealand. He had come to Auckland previously three years ago to film The Story of Lucille Ball and loved every minute of his time. Peter now calls Piha on the east coast home and loves to surf at every spare moment.