New H & A fan fic !!

Detective Clare Brody was sitting at her desk, quietly doing her paper work when the two new detective’s walked in, Detective Bake and Detective Thompson, Clare couldn’t help but stare at Peter, he was cute, “Hello, I’m detective Brody, but you can call me Clare!” Clare said to Tracey and Peter, they both replied “hello detective! Clare said “come this way and I’ll show you to your office’s” Peter looked at Tracey and followed behind Clare, “this one’s yours Tracey and the other one is Peters” Clare left them to it, to get used to there office’s that they now will be spending most of there time in, Tracey sat down at her desk, but soon got bored so she decided she’d go into see Peter, “Hey Pete can I come in?” Tracey said happily to Peter, he replied “yeah sure come on in!” Tracey knew Peter since the day she was born, they were an on again off again couple, but Peter had seemed to want to settle down with her, they’d been together for a year now without breaking up, “so how do you like it so far Trace?” Peter said, Tracey replied “hmm well its quite good, I cant wait to get out and catch the bad guys, this is going to be so much fun!!” Peter laughed and said “neither can I!” Tracey moved closer to Pete, “I’m glad we’re together and haven’t broken up!” Peter said “I love you to much to break up with you again, I Must have been silly to break up with you those times, I love you to much!!” Tracey replied “aw I love you so much to sweetie!” Tracey leaned over and kissed Peter passionately on the lips, Clare could see from the corner of her eye, she said to her self “damn he has a girlfriend I’m out of luck!:” Clare was disappointed to see that he had a girlfriend, Clare quickly snapped out of it, “I have a boyfriend, snap out of it Clare!”. Fitzgerald knocked on Peters door disturbing Peter and Tracey, “we have some news on the summer bay stalker, she’s back in town, last spotted at the old abattoir, can you and Tracey go and check it out?” Tracey replied “erm yeah ok, we’re on our way!” Peter grabbed his coat and walked out with Tracey , “a stalker huh how scary!” Tracey said to Peter, he replied “this should be fun” as he hopped out of the car.

“Jack are you ready?” Martha screamed out, “nearly just give me another minute!” Martha and Jack were going for a picnic with Tasha and Robbie, they were already five minutes late, “hurry up Jack!! You take longer than I do and you’re a man!!” Martha said to Jack, he replied “I’m ready now, its not my fault you hogged the bathroom this morning !” Martha said “hey! don’t put the blame on me, now lets go!” Jack gave Martha a kiss on the cheek and grabbed her hand, they walked down to the beach where Tasha and Rob were, “hey guys sorry we’re late, Jack took ages in the bathroom, you’d think he was a girl!” Martha said to Tasha and Robbie, Tasha replied “hey its okay!” Martha replied “hey I was thinking for Granddads birthday we should take him out for dinner at this flash restaurant, I know he said he didn’t want to celebrate his birthday, but he’ll like it once he gets there!” Tasha said “hmm yeah that sounds like a good idea, we should so do that!” Martha replied “so hows the baby?” Tasha replied “she’s ok I guess wont stop crying or anything and she wakes me up at night!!” Martha said “Aw that’s what you get, she’ll get better as she gets older!”

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