No Opportunity Wasted

Phil Keoghan, four times Emmy Award winner, is set to launch his No Opportunity Wasted television series in New Zealand.

The show will screen 7.30, Sunday’s on TV2, following NZ Idol.

Six episodes have been shot in various international and local locations. For Phil it is his long awaited return to New Zealand television after hitting it big in the USA as host of The Amazing Race.

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  • kiwijem

    So what sort of show is this anyway?

  • Rachel

    The show poses the question: “What if you had 72 hours and the opportunity to do your dream?”

    “Phil cleared personal calendars, ironed out excuses, and ambushed selected applicants. He then challenged them to take up the NOW dare: The opportunity and 72 hours to do their dream. That was it – and the chance to put down that remote, get off the couch, rally others and make it happen. Phil empowered each person: “imagination is your currency”. Those who took up the challenge included Singing Nuns, Navy Seals, a Jewish Rapper, a Roller King, college students, an aerial artist, a nude model, a mailman … in 3 days they attempted to achieve extraordinary things … overcome fear of sharks, produce a burlesque show, build a boat and sail it through treacherous waters, ride a bull in a pro rodeo, become a pro wrestler, get a break as a New York DJ … every challenge was unique.

    For those who embarked on their dream, was it everything they expected? At the end of the 72 hours was their dream a reality or were they left in the gutter looking at the stars”

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  • cam

    This show could be great or really bad.

  • JIM

    really bad (no offence) i can imagine it being plAYed on sunday afternooon to years away…and you know what they say about sunday afternoon telly…

  • Rachel

    No offence to me, I have no idea if the show will suck or not 😀