Omnibus 29/10/06

This is for the last episode, I haven’t seen the rest yet.

Cassie’s confides in Matilda she’s so confused about Macca and Ric.

Dean and his brother fight down by the beach — Lucas sees it happen and thinks something dodgy is going on. Drew sees Dean and realises he went to boarding school with him – he’s an only child. Dean has a grudge against Drew. Lucas confronts Dean about his “brother” — Dean just says he’s jealous and Lucas needs to get a life.

Ric send flowers to Cassie. Sally tells Cassie how wonderful Ric is.

Lucas visits Matilda in hospital and says Dean’s a liar. Matilda says Dean does have a brother, she saw him last week. Matilda says his jealously is no excuse and tells him to leave. Dean comes in and tells Lucas to leave. When he’s gone, Matilda tells Dean she’ll tell Lucas to back off.

Cassie goes down to the Surf Club where Macca is closing up early. “I’ve been thinking today about what happened at the wharf… I was really confused but now I’m not, we have to stop seeing each other, it’s not fair on Ric… the kiss was a mistake. I’ve made my decision I’m not going to argue about it,” she says but doesn’t leave. Suddently, Cassie starts to kiss Macca passionately! She wants Macca to promise he will never hit her again before taking things further. Macca promises and says he’s changed and has had counselling. Cassie feels sick about having to tell Ric — she doesn’t want to do anything more behind his back and will wait till he’s back rather than tell him on the phone. They say how much they’ve missed each other.

Jack wonders why someone wants to get revenge on Drew. Jack tells his boss there’s more to it than they think.

Someone is burning photos of Drew… dun dun dun!

Alf asks if Cassie’s ok the next morning. He supposes it’s because she’s missing Ric. Macca comes over to “pay the rent” but really it’s an excuse to see Cassie. She doesn’t want to do anything behind his back. It’s two weeks until Ric is back. Macca says he’d do anything for Cassie – he’s going to find another place to live. She agrees to meet him later for 10 minutes secretly.

At the police station, they’re discussing the fire case – Dave in his fire gear comes in asks if they have any leads. Jack finds this a bit strange and wonders about Dave and decides to do a background check on Dave. Dave was at Drew’s boarding school. The fires started two weeks after Dave came to summer bay. Jack thinks there’s too many coincidences with Dave and the fires. The DNA results come back… and the DNA shows it’s Peter Baker!!!

At the surf club, Amanda tells Dan and Leah that Drew working for her is working out well. Irene asks Amanda about her and Belle and invites them for lunch.

Irene tells Macca her mate Johnno is looking for a flatmate.

Cassie gets a fright when Alf comes back in (guilty girl) while she’s waiting for Macca to txt her.

Drew isn’t sure about posing in the nude for Belle to draw him. Amanda tells them about the lunch date with Irene. Drew is distracted by Amanda…especially when she starts working out at the gym… wen they leave, Amanda asks him to check out the pool filter before lunch. Amanda’s wearing a bikini when he turns up. Belle’s still at the beach. Amanda says she’s pleased he’s here alone, “I saw the way you were looking at me at the gym, you couldn’t keep your eyes off me and I have to admit I liked the way you were looking at me.” Drew starts to protest then kisses him…. wait a sec, it’s a dream and Drew wakes up on the beach! Belle drags him off to Irene’s for lunch. Irene’s so glad everyone is getting along again.

Surprise Cassie! Ric’s back for a visit early! He’s all over her but Cassie’s feeling awkward. Ric asks if everything’s ok — Cassie is about to tell him about Macca when she spills a drink on Ric. Macca turns up and Cassie tells him to get lost because she hasn’t told him yet. Too late, Ric is back (minus his shirt). Macca makes up something about the rent and Cassie pushes him out the door. Ric’s about to leave again — and Cassie doesn’t have the courage to tell him about Macca. He heads off and says how much he loves her. He keeps kissing her goodbye and says if she plays her cards right, he’ll send more flowers.

Alf wonders why Macca came around to pay the rent twice…

Cassie says she couldn’t tell Ric, she wasn’t ready and Ric doesn’t deserve to have his heart broken. She hugs Macca on the clifftops.

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