Prison Break is coming!

Outside the prison walls, the escape truly begins as the convicts race for their lives – and the hidden cash – while trying to avoid capture by the authorities. The pursuers are led by vengeful prison guard, who, driven by a personal vendetta, will stop at nothing until the escapees are captured or killed.

Season 2 is going to be a must-see show.

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  • Tui

    I haven’t seen this show – But I’ve been told to as its ‘really good’.

  • flying_cabbage

    It IS great!!! I love it!!! Cannot wait until the next season comes out!!! So sad that sarah the nurse died!!

  • mzj

    Aww Sarah dies? Man I had hopes she and Michael would hook up. I like Sucre? He’s yummy!!

  • flying_cabbage

    Oops sh*t!!! So sorry!!! I didn’t realise that the season hasn’t finished on TV yet!!! Sorry dudes!! This was a GREAT season! Yeh i hoped they would’ve hooked up too!! meh! Micheal is sooo hot!! 😀

  • kiwijem

    Darn it! Why did I just come here and read that spoiler?!! 😉 LOL

  • spazz

    Sarah doesn’t die.. 😛