Rachael Carpani and Matt Passmore

Rachael Carpani may have left McLeod’s Daughters, but she’s reported to be dating Matt Passmore who joined the series recently. Rachel once dated footballer star Chad Cornes.

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  • Nikki


  • Jessablah

    If she leaves, then theres no more mcleods daughters?

  • kiwijem

    There’s apparently another “daughter” turning up next season 😉 I read an article about it in TV Guide a couple of weeks ago …

  • Jessablah

    So shes actually a Mcleod?

  • Nikki

    how many mcleods are there? i dont want a new mcleod! i want jodi and tess!!!

  • Kaitlin

    Jodie is not the last mcleod daughter their is Charlotte who i would love to act for. I ador mcleods daughters i love ben cousins to!

  • Terry

    She is a beautiful person and deserves great respect! I wish her overwhelming success with her career. Thank you!

  • trent

    are u related to matt passmore cause ur last name is passmore!

  • Anonymous

    yes i am related to matt passmore! I love RachaelCapani(jodie) i hope my cozie matt marries her. love ya aaron(alex and Marcus(MATT and claire(lisa)!

  • georgia harry

    jodi is so cool she is my best character. she should totally be with riley and i so totally do not want her to leave. all the cast members that have been in the longest are leaving. there are like no mcleods left in the show.

  • krista

    i really love thew show mcleods daughters but lately everyone is leaving. if all of the mcleods leave the show will have no meaning for ( mcleods dadughters ). it may as well be called something different if the mcleods go. though i still never miss an episode i love the show so much. i think that there should be a magazine and dvds in a folder that u can by from the newsagencies. like they do for other shows how they have a magazine and a dvd of each volume or season i sure as hell would buy it.

  • kylie

    Hi i was lucky enough to meet Rachael and Matt on saturday the 16/2/2008 I was working at a wedding she went to in orange and i must say they are the nicest people you will ever meet,