Season 1 DVD is out!

Finally a DVD is out for McLeod’s Daughters. Season 1 was released a few days ago and it comes with the 1996 movie on which the show is based as an added bonus.

Also on the DVD: a behind-the-scenes featurette and interviews with producer/creator Posie Graeme-Evans, co-producer Andrew Blaxland and director Karl Zwicky.

cover of McLeod's Daughters - Season 1

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  • kiwijem

    I had no idea there was a MD movie!!! Might have to investigate where to locate that 😉

  • Nectz

    I bought Season Four in Australia – it’s really strange seeing all those old characters. My friend has Seaons Three (Alex and Claire get together, Claire has Charlotte, Claire dies), and I discovered that the theme song used to be different, and much slower.

  • Tui

    Wow! A movie!

    And yeah, the new theme is much better!