Season 4

The fourth season of THE O.C. will premiere in the US on November 2nd.

When the series returns for Season Four, high school seems like a distant memory to the young graduates, who have been thrust into adulthood after the death of their beloved friend Marissa. The Cohens struggle to keep Ryan focused on the future, fighting the forces that threaten to pull him back into his old life. Sandy returns to the Public Defender’s office, and he and Kirsten find themselves the happiest they have ever been with each other while rising to the challenge of keeping their family together.

Summer has left Orange County and is attending Brown University in Rhode Island, where she has reinvented herself as a left-leaning, tree-hugging activist under the sway of Che (guest-star Everwood’s Chris Pratt); out are Summer’s celebrity gossip magazines and in are her “Chicken-lovers of the world unite!” flyers. Meanwhile, Seth, lonely in the O.C. and working at a local comic book store, turns to watching golf with Dr Roberts and hanging out with the Newpsies for social stimulation.

Kaitlin Cooper (new series regular Willa Holland) returns to the O.C. as the No. 1 troublemaker at The Harbor School. Over the summer she has befriended Luke’s younger twin brothers, Eric and Brad, who worship her. Meanwhile, Julie will do anything even yard work to avoid dealing with the loss of Marissa. Taylor is hiding out and speaking French in the O.C. after her mysterious romance in Paris.

And guess who else will be on the show? Chris Brown! He’ll be playing Will Tutt, a lonely band geek at The Harbor School who befriends Kaitlin… and will they find love?

Josh Schwartz, creator and executive producer said: “I’m very proud of these episodes and I think they convey real emotion and drama but also, more importantly, humor and heart. I believe our fans will find this focus on our core characters and their relationships really satisfying. The show has been reinvented; rebooted. Personally, it feels like THE O.C. is back. I hope our fans feel the same way.”

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  • JIM

    Chris Brown!!!! woah!!! awesomeness

  • Dolce4Life

    OHH! i cannot wait. The third season wasnt as good as the earlier ones so i was hoping that because the 4th season is coming from a different direction it would be better and Josh Schwartz has pretty much confirmed that so im happy! Chris Brown will be an interesting addition! My guess is that he will be the ‘bad boy’ and will pull Kaitlin into the underworld with him (well further than she already was).

  • Rachel

    I can’t wait to see what Chris Brown is like acting – he will be in 7 episodes.

  • JIM

    Chris will be the good boy

  • nush

    Im actually really excited about season 4 it looks fantastic more like season one which is good cause the last 2 season werent that great.