Seasons Deteriorating

The OC began as everyone’s favourite little teenage drama. Hot guys, hot girls, the usual romances, drug abusers, alcoholics, tough guys, and geeks.. it had everything a show of that sort should have had, and in it’s first season, it was a well-deserved hit.

In it’s second season, it continued along the same lines; with a few shocks (like Marissa experimenting with other girls), but relatively similar to the previous season.. though there were a few more teenage girls saying “Oh it’s gotten boring, I don’t watch it much now”.

However, in season three, it turned to crap. Many of its viewers got completely bored, and turned to other shows instead. The plotlines got boring, the romances were just irritating (as the right ocuples never got together and eventually became wrong for each other), and there were too many new people to bother keeping track of – especially when it came to girls for Ryan.

Why don’t they just can it altogether? The first season was great, but everything since has been such a let-down.

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  • mzj

    They also gave it one of the shite-est timeslots. Season One was the best. Marissa was the worst character. Glad she is gone. Caitlin better make next season worth watching. Season Two was crap. Too much time spent on getting Seth and Ryan back to Newport.

  • Dolce4Life

    Im looking forward to season four, according to Josh Scwartz it should be better

  • Bunny

    I watched Season One and thought it was great. I didn’t watch Season Two cause it wasn’t as good as the first. Then Season Three came out and the only reason I watched it was because it’s either that or homework. Basically, it’s true that the seasons are deteriorating. 🙁

  • Jacob

    Season 4 looks crazy! I havn’t watched the 3rd season, but will definitely watch the next!!