Thurs 19 Oct

Baxter and TK chat about Holly – Baxter thinks he should go for it with her and doesn’t understand TK’s hesitation.

Mark and Tania talk about the OD – she can hardly remember taking them and tries to convince him it wasn’t a suicide attempt. She admits she was under a lot of stress – Mark says he’s partly to blame. Tania wonders what things would have been like if they had worked it out. Tania says she’s now the shame of the family. Tania doesn’t want his pity – he says he’s so sorry for what happened.

Yvonne is surprised Claire’s place hasn’t sold yet – her real estate agent is on holiday. Dr. Mackay comes in and charms Yvonne and Claire in reception. They giggle in his presence. Libby and Dr. McKay head off to the offices and he starts to butter up Libby. He says he’s really sorry about Huia. Dr. Mackay says Huia had offered the job before she died. Libby says Chris is great and he does care about Shortland Street.

Mark congratulates Justine on her permanent job and tries flirting with her. Justine mentions she’s looking for a place to live.

TK spots Sarah in Sugar. She’s moping at how she came across in front of the TV crew. Sarah says it’s all about the drama and she lost her cool on national television.

TK gives Holly a call…

Chris wants Libby to find out any information she can on Dr. Mackay.

Claire complains to Mark about her house not selling. Mark says he might have a buyer for her.

Libby tells her mum that Dr. Mackay is keen on her – she’s not going to rush into things with him as not all doctors are as charming as they appear. Yvonne crosses her fingers for her.

Libby says all his referees and background line up. Chris isn’t so sure. Libby says he’s worked with Justine Jones before so he should talk to her. She goes off to track Justine down.

Justine spots Dr. Mackay in the cafeteria – “What the hell are you doing here?!” she snaps. Justine says this is where she works and doesn’t want to work with him ever again. He says they’ll be in different departments so they won’t have to see each other.

Holly meets TK for lunch. TK says it will take him time to get over Huia’s death. Holly changes the topic off what happened last week onto rugby and goes on about how hot Dan Carter is.

Chris asks Justine what Dr. Mackay is like. She’s quiet for a bit – he wants to know what the deal is. “He is a fine doctor Chris, he will be an asset to the hospital.. we’ve had a few run-ins, that’s all.”

Holly’s telling a funny story about a golf ball and a teaspoon to TK. Jay comes over to offer them another wine and is glad to see TK laughing again. Holly doesn’t want to be inappropriate to his grief – TK says she’s exactly what he needs right now. She starts telling him another story about a guy who glued his nostril shut (!).

Mark tells Justine about Claire’s house and flirtingly offers her a private tour:

Justine: “You don’t even know what my needs are…”
Mark: “I think I have a pretty good idea. Did I mention the large bedrooms, you can make all the noise you want to and no-one will hear. Large expansive bench-tops…”
Justine: “Let me know when you’re free”.

Craig chats with Chris about his new department – Callum or Terry are the two strongest candidates. Chris says Justine doesn’t get on with Callum but Craig doesn’t seem to care. Chris says he only has nice references about Dr. Mackay. Chris wants to open Huia’s clinic asap.

Holly and TK continue drinking at TK’s flat. TK says it’s taken a while for him to get used to the idea that… “she’s a hooker?” Holly completes his sentence. She gets up to leave but TK stops and kisses her passionately.

Yvonne brings in yet more flowers for Huia – but they’re not for Huia! They’re for Libby from Callum Mackay! She’s wrapped and all smiles. “Just when you least expect it, someone beautiful walks into your life!” she says.

Justine and Mark go into Claire’s place. Justine’s shirt is half undone, and teases him about the bench, the couch. Mark and Justine almost kiss – “what am I doing? You’re married!” he stops himself. Justine says marriage is old-fashioned and they start to make out.

Holly tells TK she doesn’t want to go the whole way on the first date. TK wants to take things further but Holly pushes him back gently – she’s not ashamed of what she does and doesn’t lie about it. TK asks if she’s thought about giving it up. She does, every day. She says she’d like to be a social worker but she’d have to go back to studying. TK doesn’t want her to underestimate herself. In the back of her mind, she’s been looking for a reason to give up for a while now and maybe she’s found it. She’s tired of missing out on the nice guys. She’ll give up the game and be a proper girlfriend, just for him. “It’s great babe” he says, but looks worried.

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  • Tui

    Maybe Sarahs on his mind?!?