TV3! Come on! Wake Up! Survivor: Cook Islands premiered in US last month. I’m a Survivor fan and I don’t wanna find out the winner before finishing the whole series. This season is a great one. 4 Tribes – 1 Asian Tribe, 1 Caucasian Tribe, 1 Hispanic Tribe and 1 African Tribe (ALL OF THEM ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS). Grrrr…I can’t wait.

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  • Tui

    I lost interest in Survivor ages ago…..//random

  • Rachel

    Me too – I liked the Australian Survivor and the African one (I never saw the first season because I was overseas) but after that, I was over it.

  • mzj

    I love it. Gets better every season. I don’t mind getting told who wins/finding out spoilers no biggie

  • Pigeon Army

    Psh. Survivor is so unbelievably overrated. And doing this now could easily just give light to those extreme Neo-Nazis and Black Extremists who think they’re better than everyone else. I’m not touching this one with a 10-foot pole.

  • Texas

    hmmm….Am I the only person left who loves Survivor? I might add that I hated the Thailand and the Marquesas versions.

  • Pigeon Army

    hmmm….Am I the only person left who loves Survivor?

    No. But you are one of the few.