Who will Mark choose?

Doctor Mark Weston finds himself caught between his desire for two very different women on Shortland Street this week.

Mark (Tim Foley) and sexy surgeon Dr Justine Jones (Laurie Foell) are amidst a steamy affair, but it now appears Mark’s former flame Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) might reciprocate her ex-lover’s feelings.

Who will Mark choose? Find out this week on Shortland Street.

Actor Tim Foley admits Mark has reformed from his wild days but still faces the problems from his past. “He definitely still struggles with being completely honest. There is a part of him that will always be quite weak when it comes to physical attraction.”

Justine embodies everything Mark finds attractive in a woman and although he appears to be better suited to Tania, he cannot pull himself away from the alluring charms of Justine. “There is obviously a physical attraction and on a professional level he respects her,” says Tim. “But he doesn’t think she is the woman of his dreams. With Tania it is a much deeper connection. There is a massive weight of history that comes with their relationship.”

Mark and Tania’s previous romance ended in disaster when Mark was anything but loyal. Tania has learned a lot since dating pharmaceutical rep Anthony Richards (Michael Morris) and Tim believes if the relationship is to work a second time round it is essential the problems that led to their break-up do not resurface.

“It’s just a matter of negotiating all the water that is under the bridge,” says Tim. “[He has to] be the man that he has worked so hard to try and be, so that the relationship will work.”

Tim says it’s important that Mark has “someone he can talk to and be honest with and trust”, yet he has been far from honest with Tania about his secret affair with Justine. Will he come clean or will it be a return to the lying bad boy ways of old?

“He is trying to be honest but is not quite good enough at it yet. It’s the whole thing of not wanting to scare her off.” Mark faces a tough choice between the excitement of an affair with Justine or the more ‘ideal’ relationship possible with Tania, and if he hesitates he risks losing everything.

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  • Nikki

    why would he choose justine? he should choose tania! she is soooo much better! she is the second best character (after sarah! :D)

  • Scap

    Noooo Justine is so much better than tania,silly drug addict she is.