A second Justine Jones for Shortland Street

Shortland Street actress Laurie Foell will not return to the soap opera set next year – but her character Justine Jones will live on.

South Pacific Pictures, which makes the show, said Foell’s departure was a “mutual decision by the actor and the producers”.

Foell, who formerly starred on Australian soap Home and Away, will be replaced by New Zealand actress Lucy Wigmore, making Jones the first Shortland Street character to be played by multiple actors.

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  • Tui

    And Harry!

  • Tui

    This is a bit sad. It means Justine will be completly different, and that sucks. Sure, she might have the same personalty, but it will still be odd.

  • regan

    I’m not sure this is the first time on Shortland Street. Wasn’t Lucas played by two different child actors?

  • Rachel

    Exactly, Lucas has been played by two actors…

  • Elmo
  • Jacob

    Children don’t count… They aren’t core cast.

  • Rachel

    They might “not” count, but funny how the media ran stories of the new actor to play Lucas…

  • shantaram

    The latest news is that Tim Foley has stepped aside as Mark.

    The role is now being played by Richard Branson (see picture here http://www.throng.co.nz/shortland-street).

  • Tui

    lol no way..where did you hear that?

  • Rachel

    Is there a kiwi actor called Richard Branson?