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Experimentation in the name of science can be a dangerous pursuit in the wrong hands, so a crack team of ‘Brainiacs’ have been recruited to answer the scientific questions that matter, in Brainiac, weekdays on TV2 at 5.30pm.

Richard Hammond presents the series with resident Brainiac Jon Tickle fearlessly undertaking a range of experiments with the assistance of his team.

‘Brainiac: Science Abuse’ answers all the scientific questions that weigh heavy on the minds of the nation. Hypotheses dreamt up in the playground or questions that have been thought up over a few beers are explained.

Questions such as:

Can a man walk on custard?
Does a cricket box truly protect your plums?
Why can’t I use my phone in a petrol station?
Can you achieve G-Force on a children’s playground roundabout?

All these, and more, are answered through the Brainiacs’ rigorous testing procedures.

Regular features:

Fat vs Thin – each week a 20-stone man-mountain and a six-and-a-half stone slip-of-a-man will be put through their paces in a series of tests that will answer – is it better to be fat or thin?

Cracking The Safe – the best way to break into a safe? Each week, a volunteer is invited to break into the Braniac vault, but who or what will have the might to get through the high security lock?

The Lazy Man’s Guide – Brainiac discovers the best way to cut corners for people who just can’t wait. Among the Brainiacs’ challenges are to find the quickest way to make a kebab, the speediest way to get chips from a potato and the fastest way to make toast – without the aid of a toaster.

Brainiac means explosions, pyrotechnics and all sorts of inadvisable things with liquid nitrogen, wrecking balls and high-voltage. It’s not for the faint-hearted and not to be tried at home.

The series launches on Monday, November 20 at 5.30pm on TV2.

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