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During the last couple of weeks NZ community TV channel Triangle has started showing a couple of Algazeera English language progs. This includes the Frost one and News Hour. I caught News Hour for the firsts time this morning. It starts at 8.00am each morning.

In spite of what people might think, and altho the hour focuses largely on Middle east and non=-Western stories, I think it still comes from a largely Brit perspective, and targets a European and then US audience. I think the sports section and weather reports at then end kind of highlight this. The news readers are largely Brits, or people speaking in a Brit accent. They do have reports from non-Brit people based in their home countries.

The First Section of News is From London

They use the same approach I saw on UK news channels when I was there recently. The news reader is not behind a desk but stands up in front of large screens onto which news stories are projected. they do some interviews from there.

First story – top story for the day: Pope in Turkey and protests against it. Interview with leader of Political Party in Turkey about it – he’s a bit skeptical.

Then reports just in: US report of 5 women and baby killed in raid in Iraq

Then story on Iranian leader blaming Iraq’s violence on US.Pictures of Iraq devastation.

Then story on how Lebanon teeters on brink of civil chaos – based on debates as to whether Lebanon should be aligned with west. They say this is the background to Bush’s visit to middle east, and the narrator says that people see his entrance into Iraq had no clear exit strategy.

A report says that there are ripples in the Middle East of the rise of influence of Iran in the region, in context of US failures in several countries in the Middle East. Narrator says that the Arab view is that the core issue is Palestine.

Then there is a report from Chad that a military plane was shot down. The report looks at the conflict in detail and explains why the rebels are fighting the government – accuse it of corruption & election fixing. Pictures of fighting and destruction. Comment on the government answer to this accusation. There are reports from journalists in a couple of cities.

Then comes a story on a draft report from that says European governments knew all about the US’s secret gaols & renditions. It says that the European Union hid information. It criticised the Nato chief.

Then there is a report on the spy death case: another man in contact with him is under protection and being tested.

Then there is a report on Kosovo protests – conflicts with ethnic Albanians.

Then there is a report on a Muslim cleric in a UK gaol who lost an appeal.

Then there is a report on a Saudi European fighter deal. Questions have been raised over a fraud investigation.

The there is a report from Spain of a police car and van fell that into hole due to flooding.

Back to Doha Studio of Aljazeera.

There is a report about child soldiers in conflicts around the world Sri Lanka is highlighted. There are interviews with military people denying child abductions.

Back to breaking news in Baghdad. Loss of innocent civilian life. This is the result of insurgents planting bombs & using civilians as shields, according to a US military spokesperson. He says the US military are caught up in violence when they are trying to do good. The interviewer asks about poor relationships between US troops and Iraq civilians. The spokesman blames insurgents for trying to do just that. He says people are asking the US not to leave because they know they’re trying to to good for them. He is asked about Iran’s claim that the US caused the violence in Iraq. He says the US are looking for cooperation and help rather than fueling violence. The spokesman was Captain Rank from US central command.

Then there is a report about Afghan forces and Nato secretary general on their timetable for withdrawals. The narrator says there’s a need to build up a strong Afghan fighting force. There is a report with pictures on training locals. It says that the Afghan military is nowhere near ready to bring security to a war torn nation. The recruits are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds with allegiances to local warlords. But a recruit says he joined because he want to serve his country. The narrator says they’re there to get money to support families, and this is supported with a quote from a recruit. Someone from the US army says they’re seeking a compromise with their approach and what works for Afghans.

Back to child soldier story. There is an interview with Mr Abrahams in New York: senior researcher for human rights watch. From UN I think.

The Next Section is from Washington on the Americas.

The news reader is an Middle Eastern woman with a Brit accent mixed with a touch of a Middle Eastern accent. She sits at a desk.

The first report is a Canada story about government votes to recognise people of Quebec as a nation within Canada. It says it’s largely a symbolic motion but critics argue it will fuel unrest about issue.

Then there’s a report on a Brazil state petrol company designing a mixture of diesel oil & vegetable oil for cars. H-bio is expected to be distributed by end of year. Brazil hopes to eliminate the need to use imported diesel altogether. However this requires a lot of land now used to grow food.

Then there’s a short report on the Winner declared in Equador election;

The there’s a Sportsworld promo.

Then there’s a promo for Aljazeera’s news which says that, if it’s news worthy it gets on air and that they’re going to seek out news in areas neglected by Western media. Then there’s an ad for Qatar investments for people & financial partners. It’s an ad for an Investment company. Then there’s an ad for Nokia video camera, and a promo for Aljazzera’s 1201 East prog.

Then a travel ad for Malaysia. Ad for building company with egs of ME building. Promo for story about Cuba – what life is like in a poor city that is rich with culture.

Then comes a story on the assassination of the PM in Lebanon. It’s a report by a criminologist in Lebanon He says there was poor crime scene management. Then there’s a re-enactment of the killing. The gunmen were not masked and they were described to police but there are a lot of contradiction in statements. The perps have been able to use info about similar inadequacies of investigations in the past.

Then comes a sports section.

There’s a report on European soccer, buying players. Euro player of year.

Then there’s a report on a Euro Ryder cup player.
Then a report on NBA on Dallas magic. Then there a report on US NFL on the Seattle Sea Hawks.

The News Hour ends with a weather update: Starts with the Middle East then goes to Europe. Then US, then Sth American weather report.

Then there’s a Promo for Aljazeera’s English language website, and a promo for Aljazeera’s People and Power prog.

Then there’s a promo that looks like a movies trailer with a rider on a hours in Eastern dress carrying a flame and riding thru a variety of eastern countries, The voice over says that it’s a flame that can take you to new places, a flame that can take you from darkness to light, and can take you to the Asian games games; the games of your life.

Then there’s a Promo for an Aljazeera prog on documentaries about news issues – it aims to see the world and people’s experiences from as many angles as possible. The reporter or host for the show is a North African man.

Throughout news Hour there’s a ticker at the bottom of the screen with a series of largely Middle East stories, eg: car bomb in Afghanistan; Nato timing for troop withdrawal; Pope says Muslims & Christians can work together;.something on Israel; Bollywood star convicted of 1993 Mombai bomb case; Bush says violence in Iraq is not civil war; governor of Kirkhuk survives assassination attempt; reports of clashes in in Chad city; Palestinian PM begins tour of Arab states; Israel partially agrees to Jordanian force in Gaza; police question Italian academic in spy death case; Iran’s Khoumani (sp?) blames US for destabilising Iraq; car bomb kills 4 in Baghdad; Syrian gunman killed on border with Lebanon.

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