BKB: A Healthy Heart

Run’s House is a reality series based around the life and family of former Run-DMC member, rapper and hip-hop pioneer Joseph Simmons aka “Reverend Run.”

Run’s House, for some unknown reason is a favourite show of mine. It’s probably one of two shows on C4 that I’m addicted to, but there seems to be a slight consistency with me and my tv watching especially with reality tv shows. The last show of this kind that I was also addicted to was The Osbournes, I even ventured out to the store and brought the freaking series dvd(s). What’s up with that!?!

On tonights show, A Healthy Heart, Run finds a dead fish in the family’s tanks and provides a proper Run send off with a prayer, preaching; ‘Ashes to ashes and flush to flush’. With mortality on the family’s mind Justine forces Run to have his first check up in 12 years.

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About the author

Aaron is a sub editor working and living in Christchurch. His first job included writing a review for the Franklin District newspaper, of a marae initiative promoting health and well being for kaumatua (the elderly).

Brought up on his marae Tauranganui in Port Waikato, Tainui with his grand parents, Aaron truly grasped the country lifestyle and embellished his cultural upbringing. With 10 siblings to nag at, Aaron learned respect and kotahitanga (together as one) from a very young age. Moving to the city at the age of 16 was a big step for Aaron and recalls “finding it considerably difficult to adapt to the fast paced lifestyle of a towney”.

His whanau ties include Tainui and Ngati Porou, East Coast. The majority of his family are spread out across New Zealand which gives him the opportunity to travel and experience life in other necks of the woods.

Mr Kirk loves the outdoors and is considered snap-happy when confronted with a beautiful landscape. Don’t be surprised if you see him in your town taking pictures. With a bachelor in communication studies, diploma in digital media and certificate in radio under his belt, Aaron hopes to secure a “dream job” in an industry he has grown to be passionate about.
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