BKB: Do you watch this?

Popular, bilingual, panel show ASK YOUR AUNTIE offers advice to viewers on how to solve their problems every Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM on Maori Television. Viewers are also given a “second chance” to catch replays of the shows, the following week at 11.00 AM.

The half-hour weeknight studio-based series has built a reputation for its no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is advice from the agony ‘aunts’.

Host Ella Henry is joined by a rotating panel of knowledgeable wahine including Mabel Wharekawa, Aroha Hathaway, Vanessa Rare, Veeshayne Armstrong, Natashya Guttenbeil, Kath Akuhata-Brown, Christina Asher, Whetu Fala, Ngawai Greenwood, Rachel House, Tania Simon, Emma Afa and Kayte Ferguson.

Viewers can send in their letters to:
ASK YOUR AUNTIE, PO Box 56-333, Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland; phone 0800 AUNTIES (0800 286 8437); or e-mail askyourauntie@gspictures.co.nz.

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About the author

Aaron is a sub editor working and living in Christchurch. His first job included writing a review for the Franklin District newspaper, of a marae initiative promoting health and well being for kaumatua (the elderly).

Brought up on his marae Tauranganui in Port Waikato, Tainui with his grand parents, Aaron truly grasped the country lifestyle and embellished his cultural upbringing. With 10 siblings to nag at, Aaron learned respect and kotahitanga (together as one) from a very young age. Moving to the city at the age of 16 was a big step for Aaron and recalls “finding it considerably difficult to adapt to the fast paced lifestyle of a towney”.

His whanau ties include Tainui and Ngati Porou, East Coast. The majority of his family are spread out across New Zealand which gives him the opportunity to travel and experience life in other necks of the woods.

Mr Kirk loves the outdoors and is considered snap-happy when confronted with a beautiful landscape. Don’t be surprised if you see him in your town taking pictures. With a bachelor in communication studies, diploma in digital media and certificate in radio under his belt, Aaron hopes to secure a “dream job” in an industry he has grown to be passionate about.
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