BKB MUSIC: K-FED & Britney Fight, Beyonce's Secret Style

Court papers filed in LA show that Kevin Federline is seeking sole custody of his and Britney’s two young sons.

Britney made the first move to separate from Kevin, filing legal documents which cite “irreconcilable differences” as grounds for divorce. She has also said that she wants physical and legal custody of Sean Preston and their youngest son, Jayden James.

According to the BBC, 24 hours after the popstar mum filed for divorce, Kev set the ball rolling on the legal process to seek both sole custody and “spousal support”.

Kevin’s lawyer has said that the rapper is prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect and safeguard his children. We’ll all be waiting and anticipating the next move for both K-Fed and Britney.

Singer Beyonce Knowles is never one to have a bad clothes day. Starting her own clothing line House of Dereon inspired by her grandmother Agnes Dereon I have to question just how does she do it? Well, I’ve discovered her little secret… Knowles, 25, claims she never leaves the house without a full head-to-toe examination by her personal stylists. Tiem consuming for sure, but is it a crime?

She told Elle magazine: “I am very conscious of how I look and my image and how I am with people. I have a team and we’ve been working together since I was 15, so every show, every earring, every shade of eye shadow is all something that comes from me and my team.”

“I’m very much a perfectionist, and even before I was a pop star, or celebrity or whatever you want to call whatever I am, I was always that way. Always!” Consider photographers on the hunt for a snap of Beyonce looking a bit unkempt…

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