Blue's Clues, 10th Birthday Anniversary Special! on Nickelodeon

November marks the 10th Anniversary for our hero dog Blue and all her friends. The colourful, animated storybook world of Blue’s Clues has been considered the gold standard in interactive pre-school television and has continued to prevail over the last 10 years as one of the top series for young children.

Sky is having a 10-day party to celebrate Blue’s 10th Birthday starting with a five hour Blue’s Clues marathon @ 9.30am on 10th November. It will include clips featuring “Blue’s Biggest Moments” in and around 10 specially selected classic episodes. You’ll see episodes like the one where we said farewell to Steve and hello to Joe, the special 100th episode, (a never seen before NZ premiere), where Steve visits from college, and he and Joe change from their trademark rugby shirts to tuxedos to remember the games, songs, laughs and skidoos they’ve had over the years, and an episode that show’s us just how it all began!

Over the following 9 days, from 11th – 19th November Sky will be screening a Blue’s Clues 1 hr special, featuring BRAND NEW episodes of Blue’s Clues with a special new interactive segment of Blue’s Clues called Blue’s Room, where Blue talks directly to preschoolers!

Throughout the 10 days Sky will be featuring clips of kiwi kids celebrating Blue’s birthday.

Blue’s Clues, 10th Birthday Anniversary Special! – Running for 10 days from Friday 10th November on Sky Nickelodeon.

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