Cameron Bennett Leaves Union

About 28 per cent of TVNZ’s 1200 employees are union members, and several have left during the current employment battles that have seen TVNZ’s biggest strikes in years, including Sunday presenter and reporter Cameron Bennett.

Mr Bennett declined to give details about his decision but said it was a “complex matter” and wasn’t a result of employer pressure.

“Obviously there are pressures here but there’s a combination of reasons.”

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  • Tui

    Aww I think he was good 🙂 / 🙁

  • 99intheshade

    He hasn’t left TVNZ… he has left the union… along with several others

  • bobscoffee

    haha yeah sorry 2 get ur hopes up jacob

  • Jacob

    Bernadine Oliver-Kerby had to go from presenting One News to presenting Sunday one night due to the strikes.

  • Karen

    I luv Bernie!!!
    ur r my idol!! 🙂