Clay Aiken/Kelly Ripa/Rosie O'Donnel Saga

This has been on thew news all over america, it involves a spat between Kelly Ripa (Hope & Faith, Live with regis and kelly) and Rosie O’Donnel

The talk show battle began when Kelly Ripa took offense to Clay Aiken covering her mouth during an interview. Ripa was talking on her own show (live with regis and kelly) when the former American Idol star(who was acting as a guest co host) covered her mouth with his hand so he could speak.

Ripa then pushed his hand away and told him that was a no-no. “Oh, I’m in trouble,” said the 27-year-old “American Idol” star, to which Ripa responded, “No, I just don’t — I don’t know where that hand’s been, honey.”

See this here:

That put Rosie O’Donnell on the warpath. O’Donnell said on “The View”: “If that was a straight man, if that was a cute man, if that was a guy that she didn’t question his sexuality, she would have said a different thing.”

Clay Aiken has always maintained that he is not gay, so basically Rosie O’Donnell tried to out him. It was really ugly television.

That led Ripa to call the ‘View’ and basically tell Rosie she was full of it. The loud and battling Rosie refused to back down.

Watch the battle here:

Go Kelly Ripa 😀

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  • Rachel

    Gee, what a big fuss over nothing… I wonder if Clay’s mad at Kelly?

  • i thourght clay akian lookedlyk a andre bylsma

  • iam a thomastimmo leg eater