Coca-Cola Christmas In The Park 2006

Join Jaquie Brown, all of your favourite TV3 celebrities and many more as Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park screens on Sunday, December 10th at 7:30pm on 3.

It’s an action-packed night of entertainment as the concert gets underway. With excerpts from both the Christchurch event (hosted by Gary McCormack and Simon Barnett on Saturday, November 25th) and the Auckland event (hosted by Jeremy Corbett and Jeanette Thomas on Saturday, December 9th), this year’s concert, as always, promises to entertain the whole family.

Top New Zealand bands Pluto and Spacifixs will be there to get you bopping along, and some of TV3’s other celebrities will be trying their hand at musical entertainment too. We all know Drew Neemia from Sticky TV can hold a tune, after all, he was a favourite on McDonald’s Young Entertainers, but how will Shane Cortese from Outrageous Fortune go singing with him?

Similarly, we saw Siobhan Marshall (also from Outrageous Fortune) singing her little heart out when she took out Sing Like a Superstar and won all that money for the SPCA, but how will her fellow castmates Robyn Malcolm, Claire Chitham and Antonia Prebble go singing alongside her?

For host Jaquie Brown, she knows that it takes a whole lot of bravery to get up on stage and on TV outside your normal comfort zone, simply to entertain people.

“Any New Zealand celebrity willing to get up in front of thousands of people and sing or dance is very brave and deserves a little more than a mince pie from Santa. I will enjoy watching them all from the safety of my rug.”

On that rug Jaquie will be joined by other TV3 favourites Carly Flynn, Carolyn Robinson and Ant Stevens from 3 News; Howard Dobson from Hyundai Sports Tonight; James Gemmell from 3 Sport; and Sam Wallace and Julia Wright from Sticky TV, who will be cheering on Drew.

But Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park is a whole lot more than just entertainment for the whole family. The proceeds from the event go to Youthline.

“To have someone to talk to that won’t judge you and can help you when you’re feeling low is a great thing,” says Jaquie. “Not only does Youthline offer great help to the people that call, but it also provides excellent training for the volunteers taking the calls. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m happy to be able to support it.”

If you’re in the Auckland region, head along to Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park on Saturday, December 9th at the Auckland Domain. Then, on Sunday, December 10th at 7:30pm, tune in to see highlights of the Auckland and the Christchurch shows, as well as additional backstage and front of house footage, only on 3. An encore performance will screen on December 23rd at 4pm.

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  • samm31

    i went to christmas in the park last night and it was one of the best shows they have had in the last 3 years i don’t know why people dis it when really its not about what people think its about a nation coming together at christmas.

  • TuiKiwi

    This is awesome 😀

  • Dory Face

    I saw anna! I saw Anna! YAY ANNA < 3 3 3

  • Texas

    LOL They cover some High School Musical songs. I heard a few covers of High School Musical songs before especially that Breaking Free song and NZ didn’t stack up. *is disappointed*

  • Anonymous

    i was in xmas in the park and i thought it was an amazing experience that i would love to do again, it was sooooo much fun and i met all the stars

  • Elmo

    about time tvnz took it over again…tv3 have the same people on all the time. there was only a handful of xmas songs…who would of thoght it was xmas in the park.

  • Texas

    about time tvnz took it over again…tv3 have the same people on all the time. there was only a handful of xmas songs…who would of thoght it was xmas in the park.

    Either way it will be bad. Imagine Cocksy singing a Christmas song. TVNZ overused him already. Maori TV should pick it up next year or maybe Prime. That guy from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire could be the Santa Claus.

  • DeViI D0do

    Is it just me, or is Pluto the crappiest band on the planet?

    And why is it that only about two of the songs the whole night had anything to do with Christmas?

  • Rikki

    That was the worse Christmas in the Park I’ve ever seen.:(
    Jaquie was really annoying me, and I wasn’t a bit interested in all the chat about Xmas with other TV3 presenters. Just wasted time what should have been entertaining.
    Most of the people singing sounded awful! Mostly it seems, people who aren’t singers trying to be.
    Most of the songs sung were bad choices too. Pluto which was billed as one of the main attactions sounded even worse than than most of the others!
    Not very xmasy songs either either.
    The young boy who started if off was good. The best singer was the guy who I called ‘The Robin Guy’ because he looks like Robin, he’s been in Lion King. Frankie was OK too as usual.
    From then it went down-hill all the way.
    It usually has some really talented people in it, and a xmasy feel, but it never did get any better, just worse.:(

  • Rachel

    Phil Bostwick’s review was very different to your thoughts Rikki:

    Good ol’ Christmas in the Park keeps on pulling those festive heart strings after 13 years…. yet again song, dance and celebration was the winner on the day….the real stars of the show were style aficionados Pluto…style-a-licious presenter Jaquie Brown turned on the Christmas in her own special way…

  • campgrrls

    I think it was OK as a family event – for kids etc. I thought there were enough Xmas songs including carols. There were quite a few. Any more would have got boring for me.

    I was interested to see the Outrageous Fortune girls but wasn’t happy with how it was filmed/edited. “Loretta”/Antonia was largely ignored & I got increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t really see what she was like as a singer/dancer/performer. The camera focused on the centre singer (Van’s g/f) and “Pascale”. And it kept cutting between shots of each one of them alone and ones of them together.

    Robnyn Malcolm is my fav OF actor & I was surprised how well she did with “Child of Mine”.

    What was that about?

  • bobscoffee

    i guess tv3 hvnt chged. there are so many ‘modern’ carols that could be sung to fill the whole event without having to resort to random songs like sweet child of mine and what a wonderful world which are probably more suitable for symphony under the stars. then again symphony under the stars, which used to be what its name suggests…symphony music, has seen an increasing number of ‘modern music’ performances. why can’t they stick to the purporse of the events? christmas in the park-to celebrate christmas, which is done by singing christmas-related songs. if they want to have a tv3 in the park or a party in the park then so be it

  • Tui

    Rikki: I thought he looked like Robin too!

  • Anonymous

    Very average performances this year & same old tv3 faces.

  • Sara

    Well without a doubt, Drew Neemia was the only star on Coca Cola Christmas in the Park. He is not only great eye candy, but also an awesome singer. The only problem was that he didn’t sing enough! The rest were only mediocre!

  • Kalen

    It was so good not having to watch Frankie Stevens dominate the screen this year……it’s about time that he and Tina Cross etc. moved on over and let the spunkier singers ace da space!

    My mates and me drooled over Drew performing ‘Wandering Eye’……so HOT he sizzled!! Did ya catch the back flip? Ya up for that one Frankie?? ha ha

  • renee

    hey who were all those peeps on da show?? we agree wit sara and kalen drew was da only good one there. yeah glad dat frankie didnt sing anymore cos hes to old and boring and so are da other oldies. we dont wanna watch a bunch of has beens eh. anyways you rocked da box drew.

  • Juliette

    I thought it was average except for Drew Neemia and Turanga Merito, they were the only two worth watching!!! CCCITP needs to get more singers of that calibre……not just because they act or whatever, but because they act, present, read the news, but that they do those things and can actually sing!!!

  • TingTing

    Wow… i just watched that for an hour and didn’t hear one christmas carol or anything christmas related… that’s so retarded.

  • Someone

    “Wow… i just watched that for an hour and didn’t hear one christmas carol…………”

    BUGGER I wish I had of watched it now, I never watch TV3 on Sunday evening because it starts off with a retard program “The Simpsons” . I watch programs of quality like “Antiques Roadhsow” showing stuff made by craftsman not like the cheap Chinese made shit today. brought it yesterday, use it today and throw out tomorrow because it does not work.
    lets hope TV3 do a repeat.