Crappy Music

I used to watch Select Live a lot, back when it had a decent variety of music playing. Now it’s all crappy Chamillionaire-esque gangsta music that sucks. The videos are all the same (one big black guy and his little gang plus a lot of hot girls in bikinis), and all of them sound the same.

The other big group of videos playing is the whole lot of random bands nobody has ever heard of. Sometimes it’s emo bands, sometimes it’s little groups trying to be the next All American Rejects, but either way, they’re all a group of nobodies, most of whom can’t sing to save themselves and can’t play any better than your average boy next door.

About 90% of what plays will slot into one of those two categories. The other 10% are a breath of fresh air such as Lily Allen and Brooke Fraser. Justin Timberlake only half counts because while he’s white, hot, proven, and a great singer/dancer, he still follows some of the same video recipes as the first lot I described.

C4 used to have great variety all the time, now they’re just pathetic. Nobody wants to watch most of it anymore.

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