Damien Leith vs Jessica Mauboy | Australian Idol Grand Final

It’s almost the Australian Idol final and who will it be this year: Jessica Mauboy (17) or Damien Leith (30).

Jessica is a part-Aboriginal from Darwin and Damien moved from Ireland with his Aussie wife.

Damien is 11-10 with Australian bookmaker Centrebet to win the Australian Idol Grand Final with Jessica at 4-6.

You can watch Jessica’s performances here and Damien’s here.

Who do you want to win?

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  • DamienRules

    “she’s a real Aussie” – man, we’re getting so tired of that line : how xenophobic can you be. Damien has an Australian wife and Australian kid and you guys still churn out those comments. Damien has had the most touchdowns, breaking Idol history with a DOUBLE TOUCHDOWN in one show : let’s not kid ourselves on the better performer here. I’d like to hear Jessica sing Nessum Dora – all we ever hear is Christina this, Mariah that … and the problem is, it’s all been done before. Do you really want a Aguilera copy-cat to win ?? Do the right thing – vote for a true musical artist and singing talent that can put Australia on the international charts.

  • Rachel

    I’m not saying I’m one of them, just saying there’s a lot of Aussies who were like that last year…

  • Anonymous

    Damien!! Hes gotta win. Jessica is to ordinary, it’s all been done before. We need something different!

  • Marcel

    Is that how you vote: for difference’s sake and neglect all the bases of good singing? A different voice is to be appreciated but singing the right tones is what makes a song! Jessica’s voice is solid. And of course it is difficult to have a pure vote in the light of politics.

  • regan

    Congratulations to Damien Leith – Australian Idol 2006

  • Alex

    so much for the aussies behind an aussie eh?

  • SingaBoi

    The fact of the matter was Australia didnt mind someone from overseas winning they just didnt want to lose to us in a kiwi vs. ozzy showdown plain and simple. Damien won because people liked him and because he was from Ireland didnt matter Kate won because she was an Australian and Emily came from NZ and i will always believe that.