Dom Joly visits Bagdad cafe

UK comedian Dom Joly fulfils an ambition to travel from Beirut to Damascus – retracing the route that he took on childhood summer holidays.

Monday 27 November, 7.30pm, TV One

Throughout the programme, Joly will visit the French Lycée where he went to school along with old boy Osama Bin Laden; drive over the Lebanese mountains to Baalbeck to go wine tasting in the local vineyards; and travel on the road to Damascus, stopping in at the valley of tombs to try and find his name carved in a rock that he left there 21 years ago.

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  • IAN

    I have a question , If you could help please , there was an electric guitar instrumental playing while you were talking to camera driving through the rubbish tip/desert. What was that track ?? I know it, but it’s killing me trying to think of it, a bit slow Metallica-ish. Who is the person who compiles the soundtrack ?

    Many Thanks


  • appzo

    Having just watched the Dom Joly episode, the school he visted wasn’t called the “French Lycée”, but something like “The Quaker School” and he didn’t visit Damascus, so I’m wondering if the version shown on Sky Three is an edited version or the original shown on Sky One?