Final Holmes for 2006

In his final show for the year, Paul Holmes talks to five New Zealand entrepreneurs who are building and leading dynamic and growing businesses…

Doug Bartlett who invented the TV cart, a shopping cart designed to entertain young children while their parents shop in supermarkets. He has a contract to supply Wal-Mart in America with 15,000 carts over the next three years at $50 million a year.
‘House of Travel’s’ founder Chris Paulsen has grown the company from 35 stores in 1986 to 90 outlets and 1100 staff with a turnover of $500 million.

Bob Robertson from ‘Infinity Investment Group’ has had a long and successful career that began with TV shopping and in-store demonstration businesses. He used profits from these successes to start up ‘Infinity’ in Wanaka where he not only sells sections, but lifestyles. His most recent project is a ‘Pegasus’ township outside of Christchurch.

Michael McDonald from ‘Mactec Aerospace International’ is still in his twenties. Michael and his Dad have founded the company which designs and manufactures ground support equipment for aircraft here and overseas. Their company has grown 80 percent in just four years.
And Richard Taylor needs no introduction, the Oscar winner set up ‘Weta Workshop and Digital’ with his wife Tanya twenty years ago. He’s now world famous for his work on ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘King Kong’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’.

Don’t miss the final Holmes show for the year.
Saturday 16 December at 7.30pm on PRIME

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