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I Can Change Your Life Tuesday, November 21, 7.30pm

Helping a blind man see again is just one of the many miracles performed in this fantastic new TV2 show that really can dramatically improve people’s lives – I Can Change Your Life.

Faced with seemingly untreatable cases, world-renowned hypnotherapist Paul McKenna sets out to cure some of people’s worst phobias, compulsions and disorders and illnesses – from agoraphobia to insomnia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to gambling. He even sets out to treat a case of MS and to help a blind man see!

I Can Change Your Life sets out to prove there is no such thing as a ‘hopeless case’. Often going against perceived medical wisdom, I Can Change Your Life believes the mind has a limitless capacity to reprogram itself. You really can change your life!

This incredibly inspiring new series takes viewers from inception – when the team first takes on cases, through to treatment and setbacks, desperate phone calls through to the final cure. For many of these cases, I Can Change Your Life is their very last hope. As we follow these emotional journeys, filmed over four months, we’ll see initial assessments at their home, hear their friends talk and also hear from professionals about the impact of their particular problem, and then treatment will begin.

In the first episode, the three cases that feature are Needle Phobia; Tourettes and Love Pain.

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  • spazz

    This was a bit meh. The concept’s neat, but it’s filmed in such a traditionally British format it’s a bit dull for a 7:30 timeslot I reckon! I was a tad underwhelmed, you could say.