Manurewa family lifestyle overhaul

Dr. Louise Schofield has a real challenge on her hands this week as she attempts to overhaul a Manurewa family’s complete lifestyle, everything they do from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night in Honey We’re Killing The Kids, screening Tuesday, November 21st at 7:30pm.

In each episode Dr. Schofield performs a series of medical, nutritional and psychological tests on each child, based on their current lifestyle, and afterwards pictures of the children, their parents and their extended family will be used to get a good idea of how the children could look at the age of 40.

The results are shocking for the Grey family, as Mum Taasha and Dad Kawa find it hard to believe that their children, nine-year-old Ramari and two-year-old Ethan, could look so unhealthy at 40 if their current lifestyle continues.

The Greys each watch over 45 hours of television a week and their diet is high in saturated fat, sugar and salt as the family eat fast food at least four times a week. If this lifestyle continues it will result in obesity and a high chance of cancer, heart disease and will take at least 16 years off their life expectancy.

Nearly every aspect of their lifestyle is unhealthy with Taasha and Kawa smoking a combined 280 cigarettes a week and Ramari medically overweight at age nine, often falling asleep in front of the television after her parents have gone to bed.

Dr. Schofield lays down new guidelines for them to follow on everything from diet, exercise, literacy, sleep and leisure activities, with additional challenges involving alone time for the parents.

She attempts to work with the parents as they try to transform their family’s lifestyle and change the face of their children’s future.

Tune in to see if Dr. Schofield can help alter this Manurewa family’s lifestyle before it’s too late, on Honey We’re Killing The Kids, screening Tuesday, November 21st at 7:30pm.

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  • Anonymous

    do you think you could helm me I hate to think what I would look like at 40

  • regan

    how would you like to be helped?