My favourite shows

ENTOURAGE: I have Season 1 and 2 on DVD and watch it all the time.. They cast that show perfectly!! LOVE everything about it ESP Turtle and Ari! And to be fair I wouldn’t say no to a sandwich with Vince either.

THE O.C: Was my favourite TV Show once again own all the DVDS for it But…I feel it got a little depressing in the latest season though…

TV1 NEWS: I feel they do all they can to get the stories that WE REALLY want…And Simon Dallow is probably the RADDEST person in the world! Check out his myspace page…

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I host the ZM night show with my friend Stu... We are on air weeknights from 7-midnight... We have been together now on air for around 4 years... You can check out our frequencies around the countries and the crazy stuff that we get up 2 @, do it!
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