New Aussie drama about international travellers

Will we get this show in NZ? And will it be any good? I’ve heard it compared favourably with Secret Life of Us, which I use to like. It’s actually an Aussie-UK co-production like Secret Life of Us. But SLOU largely had an Aussie cast and was set in Melbourne so I would expect this one to be largely Aus-focused, tho TO is focused on a couple of characters from Sydney and a couple from London. Kiwi actress Rebecca Gibney has a role in it… as one of the older characters mentioned below I would think. The piccie at the website here shows the young characters that seem to be the main focus of the show:

Airing: October 2006…

Five young people converge for a one night stop-over in Bangkok. Whether it was destined or just a metaphysical cock-up, what happens there will bind them together and profoundly alter the direction of their lives The series follows the group, both together and separately as they travel to each other’s countries or return home ­ some to reinvent themselves, others to find themselves. Woven through their stories are the lives of an older, but not necessarily wiser generation—still living the mistakes of their own twenties. Only one thing is certain, whatever your age, everything looks different from 11,000 miles away.

Kathryn Drysdale
Abe Forsythe
Daniel MacPherson
Alexandra Moen
Leon Ockenden
Oliver Chris
Ramon Tikaram
Brooke Satchwell
Rebecca Gibney
Lisa McCune

Sydney Morning Herald has given it the thumbs up, and calls it an Aussie drama:

The Channel Ten web page for the show says this week’s ep can be downloaded from there – but I am on dial-up so will have to wait & see if it gets shown here.

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