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TVNZ has chosen a 24-hour, seven days a week news and information and sport channel as one of the two new channels that will be launched following today’s announcement of Government support.

The new channel, as yet unnamed but with the working title ‘News 24’, will carry News, Current Affairs, Sports and documentary content, covering breaking news and extended coverage of events important to New Zealanders including sports and diverse cultural events that make up New Zealand life.

It will not have spot commercials, but will carry some sponsorship.

At this stage it is expected the channel will contain about 80% local content, and 20% international – with 50% being original material.

It will feature a News bulletin every hour, on the hour.

TVNZ’s other factual programming, including Maori, Pacific and special interest content, will also be presented in prime time slots throughout the schedule.

As plans are finalised in the next few months more detail of the schedule will be available. These scheduling decisions will take account of a key objective of public broadcasting – accessibility and relevance for all.

TVNZ’s Chief Executive, Rick Ellis, says there is still a lot of work to be done on the logistics around integrating the new service with existing resources, but all effort would be directed into getting the channel on air in the shortest possible time.

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