Remembering their fallen soldiers

Exposure, this week’s episode of 3’s hit action drama The Unit, comes straight out of retired Command Sergeant Major Eric Haney’s book Inside Delta Force, screening Monday, December 4th at 8:30pm.

Haney serves as producer and technical advisor on The Unit, and wrote the book Inside Delta Force, on which the show is based.

“He’s a 12-year veteran and founding member of Delta Force. So he was one of the first guys going out to do what we do in the show,” explains Golden Globe-nominee Dennis Haysbert, who plays Jonas Blane.

Haney is one of the early members of the U.S. Army’s elite counter-terrorist unit, known as Delta Force, and his book explains the history and operations of the unit.

In this week’s episode The Unit members are remembering their fallen soldiers when the son of deceased Unit member Gary Soto (Mark Pellegrino) turns up to find out how his father died.

Jonas tells him Gary was shot and killed in a training accident in Italy, but his son Keith (Kenneth Mitchell) has proof that never happened, and so Jonas decides to tell Keith what really occurred.

Gary didn’t die in Italy, and it was no training accident. Jonas reveals that they were in Panama training paramilitary forces to fight the guerilla insurgency, told in flashback throughout the show.

The storyline from this episode comes straight out of Eric Haney’s book, in which Haney operated in Central America, training anti-communist guerrillas fighting against Sandista sponsored guerrillas.

The fact that these stories have surfaced has apparently caused some strife with active Delta Force soldiers, some of whom seem to have believed Haney had betrayed the unit’s secrets.

But Haney says he isn’t giving away any Delta Force’s secrets.

“It’s the fictional representation of a counter-terrorist organisation. It’s a great deal real, but no one knows better how to hide the things that need to remain hidden than those of us who have practiced this life and grown up in it.”

Tune in to 3’s exciting action series The Unit, based on real life U.S. Army counter-terrorist activities, screening Monday, December 4th at 8:30pm.

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