South Park episode upsets widow

Steve Irwin’s widow Terri Irwin is said to be devastated by an episode of controversial TV cartoon South Park that pokes fun at the late Crocodile Hunter.
Terri, 42, is worried that Steve’s children Bindi, 8, and Bob, 2,will see the show, which portrays the late star with a stingray barb sticking out of his chest in Hell.

It is just over two months since Steve Irwin died. The episode has already aired in the US but is unlikely to be seen in Australia for some time. Steve was killed by a stingray off the coast of Queensland on September 4.

-TV Guide

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  • Blondie Girl 2000

    I am still mad about that episode as I think it is disgusting.
    Whoever did that has no consideration for his family.

  • Blondie Girl 2000

    That episode should be burned.

  • Finally Free

    That was a funny episode. Loved satan’s birthday party, that was classic.

    Oh c’mon, in the context, the mention was so small there’s not really a big deal. And here’s the thing, if you’re going to let your 8 year old see South Park, you better be prepared for them to get upset.

    South Park makes fun of everyone, if they spared one person, well that would discriminatory now, wouldn’t it?