Steve Carell interview

In a recent interview, Steve Carell admits he’s not a computer whiz and has no clue about text messaging (even though he has a cellphone). He also thinks Blackberries should be “banished” and many of his co-stars are addicted to their Blackberries.

It makes me think about how many celebs are addicted to their Blackberries or Treos. (Hello, Paris Hilton anyone?)

We keep seeing them wandering around carrying them, typing messages on the go (e.g. rumours of Britney Spears’ divorce note, Ryan Phillippe’s mesages, Jessica Simpson).

Not sure when/if they’ll take off here in New Zealand, I guess because the cost of accessing the internet is still pretty high here from a cellphone, the humble TXT message might continue being the most popular way to stay in touch for some time yet.

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  • spazz

    Yeah I find this really odd, too. Like, can you imagine using a full-sized keyboard to txt? Weird! And you’d have to use two hands, which would be rather inconvenient, methinks. Not to mention that the devices themselves are quite bulky, I’d way rather keep my cellphone than have to lug one of those about. Although, if it meant Myspace on the go… *drools*