Tracey and Charlie on Coronation Street

Tracy Barlow beds bad-boy builder Charlie this week in an effort to make current beau Nathan jealous. But has toxic Tracy finally met her match?

Kate Ford believes Charlie may actually be the ideal man for her character. “They fancy each other like crazy,” she says. “Plus, nobody likes her and nobody likes him so they are the perfect couple for each other.”

Ford says Tracy isn’t worried by Charlie’s appalling track record. “Tracy thinks that Charlie was only as controlling as he was with Shelley because she made it easy for him by being such a wimp. Shelley has got a history for letting men walk over her; but no man is ever going to do that to Tracy.”

The actress is pleased that Tracy has another storyline that she can sink her teeth into. “On a personal level I love working with Bill Ward who plays Charlie. And these characters have got a strange thing going on where both of them are quite selfish people, so neither of them will really compromise in their relationship. They both look after number one but they both know that, so neither of them can get away with anything with the other.”

Bill Ward believes lust is the main reason for Charlie getting involved with the Street’s vixen. “It’s not purely lust but it’s about 90 per cent lust. She’s a good looking girl, he fancies her and she makes it known to him that she’s available. Also there’s an element of danger there because he knows her history and he finds this danger attractive.”

Ward admits they probably deserve each other. “I think he deserves somebody who can keep him in check and she can certainly do that. I don’t think he’s inherently evil but he’s got a warped sense of morality. There are issues he needs to address and he needs someone to help him work through them. Maybe Tracy’s the one to do that, we’ll have to wait and see.”

He doesn’t know who will have the upper hand in their relationship. “Beneath all the bravado Charlie and Tracy are similar in lots of ways, they’re both like small children who lash out when they don’t get their own way. It will be interesting to play out. At the moment they’re both wrestling for control of the relationship and you can’t see where it’s going to go.”

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  • Andrew Smith

    Tracy ends up killing Charlie and is charged with his murder. But that’s another year away for you guys and gals in NZ.

  • Richard Principal

    This show Coronation Street does not interest me, I just saw the entry you made Andrew Smith and wondered what it was all about.

    I was lead to believe that a few years ago NZ caught up to the UK because people came out from England and found they were going back into the past when they saw Coronation Street.

    This reminds me I saw a card the other day in a card shop it said “Some people boost about their age, mine is a unlisted number”