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New Zealand’s parents and viewers with a serious interest in the Arts are expected to warmly welcome TVNZ’s second digital channel, which aims to reach three specific audiences at different times of the day.

The as yet unnamed channel, which has the working title TVNZ Home, will broadcast first to children, then to families, then to viewers with a strong interest in Arts and Drama.

From 6 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, Home will provide commercial-free, quality programming for pre-school children that is safe, fun and educational, with a New Zealand focus.

From 4 to 8.30pm it will provide entertainment and factual programming, 80% of it New Zealand-made, that the whole family can watch together. There will be no commercials.

And from 8.30 to midnight it will provide a showcase for Arts/Drama/Comedy and Documentary programming for an adult audience, with opportunities to showcase New Zealand film and to cover cultural events and performance. Again, there will be no commercials.

TVNZ Chief Executive, Rick Ellis, says the channel will offer the first opportunity to meet the needs of those, including young children, who have previously been under-served in the New Zealand television market.

“The children’s strand will be the place to which every New Zealand parent can turn, with confidence that they will find programming they can trust, that is free to air, and that reflects our particular Kiwi heritage. This is exactly what we should be doing, as New Zealand’s public broadcaster,” Mr Ellis says.

“In the same way, the family strand within Home will meet a demand for safe, family-oriented programming that supports shared time together.”

Mr Ellis says the third strand, to be broadcast later in the evening in adult viewing time, will be slanted towards New Zealand material with an emphasis on thought-provoking content, and with room for the avant garde.

“In one channel, we are engaging with three very different audiences who will find their interests catered to as never before. This is a very substantial leap forward in our role as a public broadcaster,” Mr Ellis said.

“However this does not mean that public broadcasting will disappear off the screens of TV ONE and TV2. Quite the reverse–we will take every opportunity to develop our public broadcasting contribution on every channel. The New Zealand public own us. TVNZ will provide universal access to the public broadcasting value we provide.”

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